Hey everyone,

Let me tell you about myself a bit. My name is Bethany and I'm 15 years old. I thinked a lot about making this website... And after a while, I said,'YES', to myself. It will be about My real life stories, fashion, cute things, and things ike these.

Actually I never tried making webside, becuz I thinked,'Everyone will hate it bruh...don't make it', but now I made this :DD And Im very happy about it :)

So I hope...You will all enjoy this :) please like and share! #imdope

Pt.1 The Dark Forest

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Sarah. Sarah lived with her father, and her mother, but unforunately her parents died...she was...all alone.

She decided that, she will go, and she will find hereself a new home. But there was just one problem, she lived next to the Dark Forest. She had an uncle named Ben, but she lost him, when he went to the well-known Dark Forest. Ben just wanted to find some trees what he can cut off. But when he left, he never came back.

Sarah knew...the Dark Forest is very dangerous, her parents never let her to go there to play. They said,'This forest is full of strange creatures, and dark spirits'. But she was Brave. She put on her boots and her black hooded cape, and she started waking. Some minutes later, the Dark Forest was in front of her. It was very scary. It was very dark. It was very mysterious. Sarah took a deep breath, and she went in. She could hear the leaves under her feets. All she ould see were the trees, the leaves, and a huge lake. She ould hear strange noises, but she kept walking. Her blue eyes glowed in the darkness, and her black hair fluttered in the wind.

'Hey, little girl...are you lost?'

'W-who are you?'

'I could ask the same thing...why are you here?'

'My parents died, and I never had any siblings...I'm alone'

'Aren't you scared?'

'No, I'm not'

'You should...this Frorest isn't for humans like You...This is our home..You should leave'

'...I-I won't.'

'..Okay..If You want to stay here with us,,,Then,,Come inside..Sarah...'





pt.2 The Dark Forest

Sarah went closer to the voice. The shadows formed into a human. He had red eyes, and black hair. He seemd somehow irritated.

'What is your name?'

'It's rude to ask..I live in here, I'm the one, who can ask questions...'

'It's true, I'm sorry..'

'Pfft...You really should turn back, and go home before thsese creatures eat you'



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